World Prayer Today

God’s people are shining bright in Beirut

November 06, 2020

Welcome, World Prayer travelers. As we land in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, we experience a city suffering from the effects of the horrific warehouse explosion on August 4, 2020. As we pray today for the men, women, and children shaken by this horrible tragedy, we ask God to use listeners like this one as His instruments of love and grace in difficult times:

“My name is Nasser and I have listened to you for many years. Thru the Bible is a great nourishment to my soul from the Word of God! I became a follower of Jesus Christ because of your program. The need for Jesus in Beirut is great. Your program is blessing many; it helps me talk to people about the Lord and refer them to your teaching. Thank you for years full of blessings. Thank you for years full of wonderful teachings of God’s Word and delivering the gospel. I am praying for your ministry to prosper here in Lebanon and beyond.”

Praise God for listeners like Nasser and all those who share God’s Word with their neighbors. Through them may the Good News of Jesus Christ be a beacon of hope and healing to those who suffer.

Enjoy your weekend and rest up, prayer travelers. We’ve got a wild and wonderful journey ahead next week in Eastern Africa. We’ll meet you there.