World Prayer Today

Praying Germans will “tune in” and “turn to” God’s Word

June 26, 2020

God is at work in Germany. How do we know? Travel with us as we meet with Thru the Bible listeners who are excited to tell you about their journey on the Bible Bus.

From Louis: “For a long time I have been wanting to know the Bible better. I have tried to begin from the start several times, but I could not do it. I have just heard a program of yours and am excited to be a part of your study.”

From Oskar: “Here I am turning on my internet radio and listening for the first time to Thru the Bible—what shall I say? I was looking for a good Bible program that I could listen to and read. To say the truth, this series can cause addiction in a very positive sense.”

From Mila: “I am so grateful for your program. It gives me strength for my faith. And when you give me a warning, I reflect upon my life with Jesus Christ and put things straight. I am also grateful that the program is repeated several times because I am at work during the day and sometimes at my church in the evenings.” 

Praise God for His work in the lives of these listeners in Germany and millions of others throughout Western Europe. As our journey continues, pray many more will “tune in” and “turn to” the truth found in God’s Word.

Take a break from our daily travels this weekend and gear up for next week’s exciting journey through Southern Africa.