World Prayer Today

Praying for persecuted Christians in Libya

April 24, 2020

“Stunning and intriguing”: That’s how many describe the landscape of Libya. But the word local Christians would choose is “dangerous.”

As we travel on our knees today in Libya, it’s important to realize that Libyans who choose to leave Islam and follow Jesus face violent and intense pressure from their family and the wider community to renounce their faith. For the few who remain committed to Christ, there is no freedom of speech, no equal treatment of Christians, no recognition of the church, and no churches being built.

That’s why we’re surprised and delighted to share this email from a listener named Hakeem:

“The Lord sent me a gift directly from heaven when I received your link for the Arabic Bible. I can now follow your radio program along with what’s written. I will print it out so I can read it whenever I can.

“In my country I cannot ask anyone for the Bible. Libya is a very conservative religious country, and many fanatics live among us. Therefore, I am very discreet.

“Thank you for your programs. I feel as though I’m worshipping alongside you. Libyan Christians need to be very careful, but to be able to be called free and have eternal life with my Lord Jesus is worth the risk.”

Yes, Jesus is worth the risk. What a great reminder. Today pray for Hakeem and all our brothers and sisters living quietly, and faithfully for the Lord in Libya. Ask God to connect them with other believers so they can encourage one another and know they are not alone.

And while we’re on our knees, intercede for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts in Arabic. Like Hakeem, may more Libyans come to know the freedom found in a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rest up, world travelers. Monday we’ll begin a new and exciting prayer journey through South America.