World Prayer Today

Praying for untrained pastors in Micronesia

March 30, 2020

North of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean, 607 mountainous islands, coral atolls, and volcanic outcroppings make up the Federated States of Micronesia.

As we travel these palm-filled beaches and ancient ruins, pray that God’s Word heard on Thru the Bible brings knowledge and wisdom to the many untrained and uneducated pastors who lead the Micronesian church. Specifically ask for their wisdom and knowledge of God’s character to grow as they grow closer to Him and better understand His ways.

As this pastor says: “The hurdles are great, but with your teaching I am growing more and more confident that God is honored in our gatherings. I tell everyone to listen but have specifically asked a couple leaders to learn alongside me. Together I pray we get it right. That we equip our small church to be a light in a dark land.”

What a great prayer, let’s echo that today. May God’s Word equip more Micronesians to be His light that shines in Oceania and beyond.

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