World Prayer Today

Praying for an awakening in Northern Europe

January 24, 2020

Few places blend the old and new as seamlessly as the countries of Northern Europe. While celebrating the traditions and customs of the past, and embracing the innovation of the future, countries like Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are quickly becoming a destination of choice for many world travelers.

But for those surveying the spiritual landscape, the outlook isn’t as enticing. In most Northern European countries, churches sit empty while Islam spreads rapidly.

Yet, Thru the Bible’s ministry partners and both report that many people in Europe are downloading digital content and Bibles, eager to read God’s Word and find out what it means to have a relationship with God. Pray these digital ministries working with Thru the Bible will be discovered by people seeking spiritual truth.

Boldly and confidently pray that God will do a work in Europe. Intercede for those whom God is drawing to find these digital resources on their phones and computers. Pray for YouVersion and’s ministries to be fruitful and blessed as they reach out to this spiritually hungry audience in Europe. 

On Monday we’ll be praying our way through some familiar territory. We hope you’ll join us.