World Prayer Today

Praying John 8:32 in Western Africa

January 23, 2020

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. -John 8:32

God’s Word brings life and truth to people listening to Thru the Bible in Western Africa. We’re excited to receive these emails.

From a listener in Ghana—

“There is wisdom in the Word of God. I am a Muslim by birth and have been reading the Koran and going to the mosque all my life. A while ago, I began listening to Thru the Bible in the language of Fongbe. I am discovering there are many things people speak against Christians that are not true. I am discovering that the gospel of Jesus Christ is really the truth and light and gives wisdom. Please pray for me as this is a different way of thinking.”

And from Benin—

“One day, as I was coming home, I felt something hit the back of my neck. It was so painful. I immediately knew an enemy was sending a bewitchment my way. He has done this before to many people. I stopped and prayed for some minutes, but nothing happened. I continued on my way until I reached my doorway and turned on my radio to listen to Thru the Bible as I usually do. 

“By the end of the program, my strength had been renewed, my hope and my faith too. So, with a holy anger, I started to pray ardently against the forces of evil. After a while, the pain disappeared and I was totally relieved and comforted. I am grateful and thank the Lord that He is all-powerful, and in Him we need not fear our enemies.”

In Western Africa, more than 100 million follow Islam. And, oddly, one thing both Muslims and Christians fight is the influence of Animism, or tribal religions.

Today as we travel on our knees through Mali, Togo, Ghana, and other countries in Western Africa, praise God for reaching these listeners with the truth. Pray for God’s favor as Thru the Bible is broadcasted through various mediums in this region. Intercede for those who listen and ask that many more be drawn to hear the gospel and to respond in faith. Through His Word, may God’s people be set free from the lies of Islam and from the rituals of their ancestors that have enslaved them for years. Pray with confidence that God hears your request.

There’s more to pray about tomorrow. Grab a coat and meet us in Northern Europe.