World Prayer Today

God leaves nothing to coincidence

December 18, 2019

As our praise and prayer tour of the world continues this month, let’s stop for a minute and rejoice with a listener named Peter in Oak Hill, Virginia.

He writes:

“I do not think it is random chance that God led me to your broadcast a few days before the end of the book of Revelation this past March 2016. This was so that I could jump on ‘the bus’ right as it was about to leave again for another five-year journey through His glorious Word. I have heard the program off and on thru WAVA in the Washington DC area, but I never really committed to my seat on ‘the bus.’ I praise the Lord for His love and faithfulness, knowing that there is no such thing as coincidence for His people.”

Peter is right! God is faithful and always working things together for our good and His glory. Let’s praise Him today for the fulfillment of that promise in our lives and ask Him to open our hearts to be ready for the next faith adventure that He has in store for each of us.

We’re praying and praising our way through the gorgeous country of Greece tomorrow. We hope you’ll join us there.