World Prayer Today

Getting our hearts and heads back on track

December 02, 2019

“I thought we had finally ‘made it’ ….”

That’s what Mina from Tehran recently told us. Here’s the rest of her story:

“We had a beautiful home, nice cars, and all the material markers of a successful Iranian family. However, we had very little savings and lots of debt. When my husband unexpectedly lost his high paying job, we had no money to fall back on. We were forced to foreclose on our home and eventually went bankrupt and had to live with relatives and friends. I was so nervous and depressed. I was feeling that there is no more hope for me and even sometimes I thought of suicide. During this time I started listening to you. When I trusted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I soon learned that the material things I loved so much weren’t the most important things in life. God showed me where we had gotten ‘off track.’ He showed me we were worshiping the false idols of success and money, and we had forgotten where our hope came from. I learned an important lesson which changed everything in my life to good, that is given in Matthew 6:19-21. Over the last few years we have rebuilt our lives on those verses. And we have much more peace and joy than we could ever imagine.”

Isn’t that a great letter? Do you need to get your heart and head back on track, too? Together, let’s praise Him for the opportunity we have to study His Word and know Him better. And let’s pray that, like Mina, His Word would be the only treasure on which we choose to build our lives.

Tomorrow we’re celebrating with a listener of our Nepali broadcast. Join us, won’t you?