World Prayer Today

Praying for God’s glory to shine

October 09, 2019

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we’re joining with Margaret Marie in Canada as she “prays for God’s glory to shine and for people to be set free from their bondage.”

Here’s her encouraging story:

“I was just about to shut down the computer for the night, and after a quick look through my email inbox, I asked God if there was any message He wanted me to look at tonight. Your World Prayer Today email you had just sent out stood out to me, so I opened it, and was amazed to see that it was written by someone named Mary Margaret. My name is Margaret Marie!! So I read her message and was so impressed with her passion, to be ‘on her face’ begging people to pray for the people in Puerto Rico. So I, too, got on my face and started praying for her countrymen.

“As I prayed, I had a picture in my head of the scene in C.S. Lewis’ Narnia book, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, where the dragon is defeated, and the green mist that was over the island lifting off and dissipating, and the light and beauty of the day shining, and the people set free from their bondage. All glory to God for His majesty and beauty and power!  I am privileged to pray alongside you all for God’s glory to shine all over the earth! Thought this might be an encouragement to you to know that I am praying in Canada.”

You’re so right, Margaret—this is encouraging to the whole team. Let’s keep holding each other up as we pray together for the world, one country at a time.

Tomorrow, we’ll be on our knees for those following Jesus in the United States.