World Prayer Today

God’s Word brings healing

August 28, 2019

God’s Word brings healing, Proverbs 4 says. This letter from a listener in India shows us how:

“I am on staff in a rehabilitation center. It is my habit to tune in your program every day and allow those who are resting in the lounge to listen. Many believers and I have grown up and have been made firm in our faith because of our time studying the Word together. I believe some have even been restored physically by listening to the hope of Jesus Christ. Thank God for His blessing day by day and for the fruit of His Word in our lives.”

Today, pray for those who are suffering from physical illness, both in India and anywhere in the world. Pray that they find comfort, relief, and even healing as they focus on God’s Word and the truth found in knowing Jesus Christ.

We’ll continue our journey around the world on our knees tomorrow. Let’s meet right here.