World Prayer Today

Praying for spiritual freedom in Botswana

August 16, 2019

Culture vs. faith—it’s a common struggle that needs wisdom to discern. That’s what we need to pray for as we visit Botswana today.

Thanks for joining us on World Prayer Today. As we travel once again through what many call the “jewel of Africa,” we’re boldly asking God to free believers from tribal rituals and animistic practices. As one listener tells us:

“It is often hard to tell the truth from lies. No one seems to know. I thank God for your program that tells us what the Bible says. Man can deceive, but I trust God’s Word to tell the truth.”

What a great letter. Let’s ask God today to penetrate more hearts and souls in Botswana, ridding them of old desires and making His Word the foundation of their lives.

Latin America is our prayer destination next week. Hop aboard and join us!