World Prayer Today

What is happening after the wars in Serbia?

August 07, 2019

Welcome to the World Prayer Team. In the 1990s, the world media was filled with news of civil unrest in Serbia—with the cities of Kosovo and Belgrade being continually ravaged by war.

In fact, over the last two millennia, Serbia’s capital city of Belgrade has been captured 60 times and destroyed 38 times.

Now, decades after the tumult has died down, these wars have left a bitter legacy. An entire generation of Serbians suffered the devastating effects of generations of wars. Unemployment, economic challenges, ethnic conflict, and spiritual hopelessness weigh heavily on the entire nation, but especially on young adults.

And yet we can receive these words of hope from a young Serbian to encourage us to keep praying:

“I’m a Christian and my faith has been nourished for a long time now from Thru the Bible. I am thankful for a program that teaches me from the whole Scripture, and I assure you that many share this same feeling and same nourishment I’m getting from your blessed ministry! Thank you for delivering God’s Bible and for praying for us in Serbia.”

Keep praying for God to raise up a new generation of Serbian believers to rebuild their war-torn nation.

Journey on your knees with us tomorrow as we travel to another Balkan state—Bulgaria. We’ll meet right here.