World Prayer Today

God reaches out to even the smallest people group

August 05, 2019

Scattered across the world’s continents are hundreds of (if not more) small people groups—some only a couple thousand strong.

Once independent, their existence now depends on reliance upon more established cultures. But—praise God!—with this dependence on larger groups across country borders, the gospel is shared with previously unreached groups.

This week as we travel through Eastern Europe on our prayer journey, we meet a people group called the Even nation, numbering around 18-20,000. They originally lived in Russian and the Ukraine, deriving their livelihood from the domesticated reindeer and supplemented with hunting, fishing, and animal-trapping. When one Even young man joined the Soviet army, he discovered something amazing:

“My name is Lyubomir and I am from the Even nation. From childhood my family and I were taught to worship the spirits in nature. My mother also taught us how to worship spirits through fire. In 2001, I became a soldier in the Soviet army. A believer came to our military base, and he started telling us about Jesus and how much He loved us. The first time he told us about Jesus I did not understand what he was saying. But after I started reading the New Testament that he gave me, I realized I had found something I needed. Reading the Bible, I realized it is real and all the spirits they were talking about are real. It was a confirmation for me. At that time, I prayed and repented of my sins. A brother introduced me to your daily Bible studies on the radio, and I received them with much happiness. I realized my life was not good and that I needed Him. I received an invitation to come to Romania to study at a seminary. My studies were supplemented by your survey of the Word of God. I have begun to grow as a Christian and receive many spiritual blessings. After many years of study, I had a revelation to pray for my own nation, for the Even people. And in 2004, I started a ministry to the Even, using what I learn from seminary and from our studies to bring the message of Jesus to my people. Thank you for your instruction and for your prayers for my people.”

Wow! When we say we are committed to taking the whole Word to the whole world, we labor in prayer for people like Lyubomir and the Even people. Pray for God’s Word to be taught freely and in all truth to this small but precious people group.

Tomorrow we’ll journey on our knees to Albania and hear another story of God’s faithfulness.