World Prayer Today

Never underestimate a mother who prays

July 23, 2019

In the western Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia and New Guinea, is the independent country of Micronesia, made up of 607 islands.

It’s quite a miracle that we have received letters from this distant and exotic location, but we praise God for a letter from Anil who lives on Chuuk atoll in Micronesia’s largest city, Weno.

This young woman writes:

“When I was young, my mother accepted Christ as her Lord and Master and was the only believer in our family. During my youth, I established many bad habits and, as a result, I was ruining my life. In my memory I see my mother on her knees, praying for me. One day, after reading a booklet about Jesus that a friend handed me, I contacted the address on it and through their advice and encouragement, surrendered to Jesus and started a life anew in Christ. I joined a church where I enjoy a wonderful fellowship with God’s children and have also started reading the Bible every day.

“Recently, I also came to know about Thru the Bible’s program that is available on the Internet and I have been regularly listening to the program. I am able to understand so much from the Word of God and, today, both my mother and I listen to the program together before we have our dinner. It has helped us come closer to God and we have also started encouraging others to listen with us.

“Please pray for my entire family that they too might come to the Lord and be saved. Kindly also pray for my mother and me, that we may continue to serve the Lord and live according to His will.”

Isn’t that amazing? Keep praying and be glad to be a part of taking God’s whole Word to the whole world.

Tomorrow we’ll pray through another set of islands in Indonesia.