World Prayer Today

Praising God for a new sister in Taiwan

July 19, 2019

Thanks for joining us on our world prayer journey. Today we land on the island nation of The Republic of China, also known as Taiwan.

While the majority of Taiwanese families follow a unique blend of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and folk religion, God’s Word heard on Thru the Bible is changing lives. Rejoice with this young sister who texted us to say:

I’m excited to announce that I have come to know God the Father through the help of your program. I had never heard of Jesus, but was surprised to hear that at the age of 34, He presented Himself with all righteousness and was nailed to the cross to redeem us, sinners. What a gift. I would be foolish to refuse it. Please pray that I might serve Him with my life.”

Isn’t that great? Today let’s pray more people will hear God’s Word in Taiwan and be freed from the ritualistic religion of their ancestors.

Hop aboard next week as the World Prayer Team travels on our knees to Southeast Asia.