World Prayer Today

When your birthday is a fearful day

May 29, 2019

Most people are happy when it’s their birthday. Birthdays are great times to celebrate and hope for the future.

Today we meet Marbun from New Zealand who once feared his birthday because it reminded him that his death day was near. But today at 59, Marbun gives thanks to the Lord, and has no fear of growing old.

“I am preparing for retirement and look forward to serving a small congregation in Jimbaran, Indonesia, as their pastor. My background is not in theology but my spirit wants to serve the Lord. And I have Thru the Bible to help me build up the church members. I have learned about faith from God’s Word and people like Abraham, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They had strong faith and were able to overcome obstacles and God saved them. The teachings of Thru the Bible encourage me to serve the Lord with a glad spirit for all the days I have left. I believe God will help me!”

Pray for great spirited men and women like Marbun who want to serve the Lord by sharing His Word. Pray for a strong, faith-filled congregation to grow in New Zealand.

We’re traveling on our knees to the Philippines tomorrow. See you there.