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Rejoicing with listeners in Kenya

May 23, 2019

With fertile plateaus, mountains, deserts, rainforests, and beaches along the Indian Ocean, it’s easy to see why Kenya is often referred to as “a little bit of Africa all in one country.”

So today as we travel through this gorgeous country, let’s praise God that His Word is taking root in the lives of so many people. Rejoice with us as we share a few texts from listeners of Thru the Bible’s Gikuyu broadcasts.

As one listener wrote:

“It is my prayer that God will bless you and extend the boundaries of your program to reach more people in Kenya. Your teachings have built me up. My heart has been strengthened. Again, God bless you abundantly so you may bless others with His Word.”

And we received this text from a pastor:

“Praise God! I am a preacher of the gospel and I am blessed by your program. Every day you inspire me and I am growing stronger in my ministry. I also tell my congregation to listen to you. God bless the good work you are doing.”

And finally here is a text from a new believer:

“I recently invited the Lord into my life through your program. What a blessing it is to see the difference He has made. I feel as though today’s message was just for me. I thank God because He speaks to us through His Word and encourages my heart daily.”

Today let’s join this listener in thanking God for His Word that speaks to us. Let’s pray that more people in Kenya will listen to Thru the Bible and realize how very much God loves each of us.

Have you ever been to Benin? Travel with us on your knees tomorrow as we make our final stop in Africa this week.