World Prayer Today

“I give glory to God for broadcasting His Word to a sinner like me . . .”

May 01, 2019

As our World Prayer journey takes us through the United States this week, we have the opportunity to stop and pray with fellow prayer team members like David in North Carolina who writes:

“I’m drawn to the stories of Muslim listeners in countries where the believers often have no church to attend. I live in North Carolina and have no church, so I relate and they encourage me because I know their lives are harder than mine.

“I started my second journey on the Bible Bus in June and I am listening every day. I really enjoy the letters that Steve reads and I also like Gregg Harris and his global updates. I am so thankful Dr. McGee took the time to put the study of the whole Word of God on tape and I give glory to God for broadcasting His Word to a sinner like me. I will be praying on my knees through the whole world with you!”

Today let’s join David in praying for churchless listeners around the world. Let’s pray that those who are able will find a warm and welcoming Bible-believing fellowship. Ask the Lord to sustain and encourage those who live in areas where believers are isolated in their faith.

Tell us what the World Prayer Team means to you, email us at Join us tomorrow as we head to Orlando and meet a former prisoner turned pastor.