World Prayer Today

“I want to be a small man who God makes His big servant”

April 16, 2019

We’re continuing our celebration of how God changes our lives when we come to Him by faith. Today’s story of celebration comes from North Africa.

Dare you not to smile when Ameziane tells his story:

“My name is Ameziane, which means ‘small.’ Indeed, until the day I welcomed Jesus in my life I moaned to my parents about why they named me ‘Small.’ The first time I listened to your Bible study program calmed my mind. We learned that Jesus’ disciples fought amongst them who was bigger. Jesus’ answer reverses their thinking. He tells them, or rather I felt that He told me, ‘the one that is smallest among you all, is the one who is big.’ There and then, I accepted with joy my name.

“My wife (who is biblically more intelligent than me) read to me about Saul who became Paul, who wanted to stay small. But when he became an apostle, God made him His big servant. That is my story, too. I want to be a small man who God makes His big servant.

“My family greets you with much joy. We have all received Jesus through your program. Thank you for your warriors in prayer for overcoming worldly obstacles in ensuring that people hear.”

Isn’t it delightful to get word like this from our brothers and sisters in Christ? Keep praying for each other!

Tomorrow we will be encouraged by a godly man from Botswana.