World Prayer Today

Carry on in the victory of Christ

April 15, 2019

Welcome to World Prayer Today. All week we are celebrating the miracle of salvation, told through stories of faith from around the world.

Today enjoy this enthusiastic letter from Nora, a wonderful evangelist in North Africa.

“I have just come back from Libya. The Kabyle Christians there listen to your broadcasts every night. My friend Fatima is a true Christian and welcomed me in her house. She came to believe in Jesus through the systematic instruction of God’s holy Word. Fatima is a woman of prayer, especially for Kabylia [a region in Algeria]. Fatima has a Muslim neighbor who seeks the true God. Her neighbor wondered if the true God is Allah of Islam or the God of the Christians. I spoke with her and told her to listen to the Word of God on TTB, and she will learn who the true God is.

“After listening to your programs for one month, she told me: ‘My soul is turned upside down. I learned that Jesus is the Son of the true God. God has sent Him to us. If we believe in Jesus, we too will become children of God.’ Then she burst into tears. Why do you cry, I asked? She said, ‘I want to believe in the Son of God, but I am afraid!I asked others to pray for her and by and by she gave her life to Jesus. And so the Lord continues His work in Kabylia.

“I know how great the fight is that you fight while serving Jesus. The enemy of our souls never lowers his arms. But I also know that you will carry on in the victory of Christ.”

We’ll have more encouraging stories of how God saves souls tomorrow.