World Prayer Today

Is God at work in the Middle East?

April 03, 2019

Welcome to World Prayer Today. Just in case you’re wondering if God is at work in the Middle East, enjoy these notes from your brothers and sisters in Jordan:

From Nadin: “Thank you so much for inspiring us with your wonderful program about the Lord Jesus. I pray for many joys and the Lord's riches to bless you like you do for all of us through your intercession and teaching. I can't close my eyes without listening to you before bedtime. I then sleep peacefully with trust in Jesus.”

From Mady: “Whenever I listen to our Bible study program, I stay all ears and feel sad when it ends. The way you explain the Bible makes me cling to my faith more and more each day. Meditating with you on how Peter the apostle evangelized makes me feel more with my brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria and urges me to pray for them so their faith would be sustained and their hope would stay blazed. I pray that your ministry reaches them and many others in the Arab region. Be blessed.”

From Salim: “My family and I have been listening to the Bible Bus on a daily basis. We believe that TTB was sent to us by God, and since we've started listening to the program our lives have changed positively. Even our tie as a family has become stronger. Sadly we have unintentionally skipped several episodes due to the war we are going through. Thru the Bible is our teaching pulpit. May the Lord bless all who are praying with His riches, just like you've been blessing us.”

No doubt about it. Your prayers for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are bearing fruit. Keep praying!

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to Cyprus.