World Prayer Today

“Live fully for God in the UAE”

April 01, 2019

On the Arabian Peninsula on the southern end of the Persian Gulf sits the opulent nation of the United Arab Emirates.

Thanks to the discovery of oil twenty years ago, the United Arab Emirates—once dependent only on fishing—has grown into one of the most stable countries in the Middle East. Its capital, Dubai, is a popular tourist destination and global business center.

As we travel on our knees across the UAE, here’s a snapshot of this emerging nation:

  • Islam is the state religion, with a Sunni majority and a Shi’a minority.
  • Of the 43 people groups in the United Arab Emirates, 25 remain unreached by the gospel—most of these people do not know how to read or write.
  • Sharing the gospel with Emiratis is illegal, and those who do can be arrested, imprisoned, and deported. Even so, an estimated 8% of the population are followers of Jesus.

Here are two brothers in Christ who encourage us to keep praying for the people of the UAE.

Karim shares,

“We live daily and are nourished spiritually by the Word of God through TTB’s radio program. My family and I are working on committing ourselves to listening on a daily basis so we can learn and live fully for the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you so much and God bless you.”

And Samir writes,

“I was happy to know that we can listen to Thru the Bible all day through your website! I’m blessed to be able to tune in all the time! God’s Word has changed my life into a different person who is seeking to live according to God’s own heart! Thank you!”

Pray now for these Christians living in a spiritual wilderness. Pray that laws would be lifted that ban people from sharing their faith in God and for discernment among those who love Jesus.

We travel to the opposite end of the political spectrum tomorrow when we pray for Israel.