World Prayer Today

Name three things that are Swedish

March 22, 2019

Quick: Name three “Swedish” things.

If you said, “meatballs, IKEA, and smorgasbord,” you’re on the right track. You can add Skype, Spotify, and Iraq to that list. What—Iraq?

Yes, Iraqis are the second largest minority group living in Sweden. Many Iraqis emigrated there as refugees during the Iraq War between 2006 and 2009. Thru the Bible broadcasts in Sweden in Persian, the Iraqis’ heart language. Much of the feedback we receive from Persian-speaking people living in Sweden comes via texts. Here’s a glimpse of how God is using your prayers to reach Iraqi refugees.

  • A girl (age 20) is listening to our programs. Please pray for her as she has lost her family and asked us for help to live in this new but foreign country.
  • Another listener wants to become a believer and is very interested in our programs and encouraged us.
  • Stevo wrote on behalf of his small group of 18 young people who love our Lord Jesus and are ready to die for Him.

Remember these refugees in a foreign land—that they would discover a new life in Jesus Christ.

On Monday, we’re headed to Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Join us for strategic intercession!