World Prayer Today

Arab, 20-something, and living in Australia

February 20, 2019

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, a large population of Arab people immigrated to Australia. They came from Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria and later from Iraq, Somalia, and Sudan and made their new home mostly in Victoria and New South Wales. The majority held to Muslim tradition.

As you may know, Thru the Bible broadcasts God’s Word in a creative, interactive format on Arabic television. Through this medium, God’s Word is reaching a new population—Arab youth and young adults.

This letter from Talia, a 20-something young woman living in Australia, paints a beautiful picture of the challenges—and joys—of a new faith:

“Growing up in the Muslim tradition as a second-generation immigrant has had its mix of fear, anger, sadness, and guilt. Like others, we blame our childhoods for everything—and by extension, our parents. After university, I began to question much of what I had been raised to believe. If the Quran is true, why do I feel so broken? I understood when a classmate introduced me to Jesus Christ, Son of God. I received His gift of salvation as soon as I could. This decision is radical to me. How do I hold on to my culture and continue to honour my parents while I embrace this new life? In many ways my Arab Muslim tradition was my identity. Now how do I proceed? Can I listen to Arabic music? Should I wear my hijab on weekends? I am writing to say thank you for your program that is teaching me to understand the Holy Bible and receive from it wisdom for living my life. I have begun down a long road and am learning how to think and trust and draw from God the principles of life. As I learn more about Jesus, I see glorious colour, even in many shades.”

Intercede for Arab people, worldwide, for their discovery of true life and for the challenges of blending culture and faith.

Tomorrow we’re traveling into the Pacific Ocean to the beautiful island of Fiji. See you there.