World Prayer Today

The true Greek tragedy

February 12, 2019

Welcome to World Prayer Today. As our journey through Central Europe continues, we stop in the gorgeous—and somewhat troubled—country of Greece.

A financial meltdown, a flooding of refugees, and the overwhelming growth of the human traffic trade are a few of the many issues facing the people of Greece today. Yet despite these tragedies, many believe the root of the despair and hopelessness that many Greeks feel today is the lack of God’s truth in their lives.

As Sophie, a new listener of Thru the Bible, shares:

“I have a lot of pain and began taking drugs, but nothing helped. One day I heard your program and while the pain in my legs didn’t diminish, the pain in my heart did. Thank you for telling me the truth about God. I’ve grown up in the Greek church, but I’ve never heard these things before. Please continue teaching; I’ll be listening.”

Sophie is right. Experts tell us that although Greece was the first European country to be evangelized (Acts 16:10), Christianity is now mostly a cultural expression. As one church leader tells us, “We have a country filled with people of very strong religion, but so few of them actually have a relationship with God.”

So today please join us in praying that Thru the Bible broadcasts will open the hearts of more Greek people and give them a clear and accurate understanding of who God is and how very much He loves them.

Tomorrow we’re off to another country in need of prayer: Bosnia-Herzegovina.