World Prayer Today

Praying our way through Quebec

January 31, 2019

“ … All things are possible to him who believes.”  -Mark 9:23

That’s the promise we can cling to today as we return to Canada and continue to pray for French broadcasts of Thru the Bible.

As we travel through Canada’s largest province, Quebec, we are reminded that church attendance here is by far Canada’s lowest. But let’s not forget God is at work here … as one listener puts it,

“I love listening to Thru the Bible. I type what I hear and have put it in book form to give away. I am surprised at how much I’ve missed by not reading through each book and chapter. Thank you for your commitment to God’s Word. May more of us in Quebec begin to see His glory and live for Him.”

Yes! Today let’s ask God to use Thru the Bible’s French program as an instrument to encourage more people in their faith. As a result, let’s pray that more people will return and begin to revitalize the local church in their communities.

Invite a friend to join us on this world prayer journey.