World Prayer Today

A “chance” meeting on a train

January 21, 2019

Want a snapshot of how to pray for God’s Word to be shared in China?

Kwan, a Chinese businessman, shares this story of how God met him on a train:

“My heart has often been stirred to imagine that there was a greater story I had not heard before. I met a young woman on a train recently who shared in conversation with me about how she believes faith is more important than culture, that my identity is foremost in God, not in being Chinese or American or any other culture. This of course is different thinking than I had ever heard. I told her that a few years previously, someone had ‘coincidentally’ given me a copy of the Bible. I had read several chapters, but was left with many unanswered questions. She then explained more to me, ending with an invitation to listen to your program online. That night, I listened to several of your programs and understood more in just one hour than I have my entire life. I have since trusted in Jesus as my Savior and now live in Taiwan. God had plans greater than I could know that day on the train.”

Pray today for more “chance” meetings with followers of Jesus in China.

Join us tomorrow in praying for Japan.