World Prayer Today

Pray today for a country that spans two continents

January 11, 2019

“You are doing the most important thing in this life! You are proclaiming the truth of God for this world!” This is the good news from Russia today.

Our friend continues,

“I share my great joy with you. I live in a region that cannot receive your radio signal, so my son downloaded your Russian program from the internet and presented me with the CDs of the studies from Genesis to Revelation. This is the grace of God to me.

“As a pastor in a remote region, I love your program because it combines so much of what’s essential to the Christian life: the worship of God, the proclamation of the gospel, the fellowship of God’s people, and most of all, the clear teaching of God’s Word. They help us get back to the basics of our faith and undergird my passion behind ministry.”

Please pray today that the good news of Jesus Christ would be shared with Russian-speaking people of all walks of life, in the hope that they might accept Him as Savior and be led in the basics of the Christian life. Pray also that the chains of addiction to alcohol, drugs, and crime would be broken across this vast country that spans two continents.

Next week our journey of prayer continues in the Middle East and North Africa.