World Prayer Today

A story of faith and healing in God’s name

December 07, 2018

As we intentionally take these weeks at the end of 2018 to praise God for how He has worked in the lives of Thru the Bible listeners this year, it’s good to remember what it was like when we were lost, without hope.

Today, reflect on God’s goodness when He saved you as you read Nilamben’s story—a faithful listener of the Gujarati Thru the Bible program:

“We are a farming family, staunch followers of our ancestral faith. My parents do not allow the mention of Jesus’ name in our home! But I thank God, for He had a great plan for my life.

“One day I fell ill and suffered from unbearable pain in my hands and legs. I could not walk; I could not work or go to school. Worried, my parents rushed me to the hospital. The doctors said that I was suffering from a serious disease. We were devastated and believed that my end was near.

“One day I received your program guide from a servant of God and discovered Bible teaching in various languages, including my native tongue. A few days later, when I was unable to sleep, I remembered your program. In the early morning, I tuned in to listen.

“I loved it so much! Right from the start your message brought so much peace to my heart. I listened secretly because the messages drew me to Jesus’ love. Also it gave me courage to face the depressing situation I was in. Then one day the message was on healing and faith. My understanding leapt out of me. I believed and trusted God’s Word implicitly. I acknowledged Jesus as my Lord and asked Him to save me. Praise God!

“In addition to spiritual healing, I also received God’s physical healing, and today I am surprisingly well. I am a secret believer. Please pray that my family would also know the joy of salvation found in Jesus. Thank you for your program because of which I am able to live … really live.”

Our support team in India added this note: “Thank you for praying for people like Nilamben. We believe God hears and answers the prayers of His people. Keep praying with joy and with faith that God will draw and strengthen people in Him all over the world.”

We’ll continue the celebration of God’s great work next week on World Prayer Today. See you then.