World Prayer Today

Keep praying for Japan—God is answering!

November 23, 2018

“Take the whole Word to the whole world” … that’s what we’re praying for every day on the World Prayer Team.

Recently, Gregg Harris, Thru the Bible’s president, visited Japan where, as you know, we re-launched Thru the Bible in Japanese on 11 FM stations across the country last year. This wonderful opportunity to share God’s Word in this spiritually hard ground is clearly from the Lord. Gregg said, “I came away with confidence that God opened these doors and also wants to expand our reach in Japan where less than 1% of the 127 million souls know Jesus as their Savior.”

Pray today for the people of Japan. Ask God to direct those with a spiritual hunger to hear Thru the Bible in their own heart language on one of the radio stations.

Pray also for a wonderful man named Pastor Takashi who heard Thru the Bible in Japanese via shortwave in the 1980’s and gave his life to Jesus Christ.  He began to minister in Japan, using Thru the Bible as the sole basis of his ministry—he had no other biblical resources in his language.  In 1992, he went to Mongolia as a missionary.  He saw the spiritual needs there and prayed that Thru the Bible would develop a Mongolian broadcast. He was thrilled when that project launched in 2014 and thanked God his prayers were heard. Watch Pastor Takashi’s short video here.

Keep on praying for God’s Word to be heard and received in Japan and that fruit would grow in this spiritual wilderness. God is answering your prayers!

Join us next week as the celebration continues right here on World Prayer Today.