World Prayer Today

“Thank God I’m saved.”

November 07, 2018

“Thank God I’m saved!”

Wherever you live, nothing compares to the joy and gratitude to God when you are confident that He has saved you from your sins and from hell.

A grateful listener from Aveiro, Honduras, recently expressed his gratitude with this one word:

“Peace! That’s what I have in Jesus Christ. Thank God I’m saved. I praise God for the work Jesus did on the cross for me. I listen to the radio every day at work, because I’m alone in the office. It has been a source of companionship and blessing. May God continue to use you in my life and others’ lives. We desperately need His peace to blanket our country.”

Thank God for the peace that He has brought to listeners in Honduras and ask that His peace will be experienced country-wide. Pray for others to proclaim like this grateful man: “Thank God, I’m saved!”

We visit the beautiful and troubled island of Haiti tomorrow. Let’s join together again in prayer.