World Prayer Today

What’s new in Venezuela?

November 05, 2018

Although Venezuela is not a new place for Thru the Bible to be broadcast, we have recently heard from many new listeners who already know and love the Lord Jesus.

Thank God for our brothers and sisters in this spiritually challenging country. They write:

  • “Thank you for the initiative of teaching the genuine Word of God. This is a wonderful opportunity for my country to hear the systematic study of Scripture. It has never happened here before!”
  • “Wow. Praise God! Yours is the best evangelical program in the country. We thank God in the first place for bringing to us clear discussions from the Bible. God bless you and all those who have made it possible.”
  • “This study of God’s Word builds us spiritually every day. We are attentive listeners and never forget to attend this program because it builds us every day. Pray with us that others in our country would join us in following this program. Thank you very much, Lord Jesus.”

Yes, let’s echo that prayer—thank You, Lord Jesus, for taking Your whole Word to the whole world. Along with our brothers and sisters, pray for more Venezuelans to hear and respond to the teaching of God’s Word.

Tomorrow we continue through Latin America to Paraguay. Please join with us in praying.