World Prayer Today

On the job worship

October 26, 2018

If you’ve ever asked the Lord to help you live for Him at work, then you’ll appreciate this “collectibles-collector’s” story from East Java, Indonesia:

“Thank you for the Bible studies in my language. I listen every day while I do my job, which is to collect worn-out articles and resell them to other collectors. Not many young people want to do this job because they consider it contemptible, but any kind of job is good as long as it is not against the law. I have been a Bible student on your program for four years and have learned a lot about God and have been helped to love God more. I do not forget God and His Word while I work and confess that I need God all the time. My favorite thing to do is to pray and study the words of God together with the brothers and sisters in the church. I am grateful that God helps me to be faithful in loving Him.”

Praise the Lord for faithful brothers and sisters in Indonesia who worship while they work. Pray for others to be drawn to Jesus through their witness.

Thank you for your faithful intercession for people around the world. Join us next week in Africa.