World Prayer Today

Encouragement from a cancer survivor

October 09, 2018

“I am a cancer survivor, living each day hoping it never comes back. But I have the assurance of my salvation that one day I will see my Lord Jesus Christ.”

That’s the encouragement we receive today from a listener named Renee in North Carolina. She continues:

“I have been on the Bible Bus now for almost five years. It has truly been a blessing and my faith and knowledge have grown more than any time in my life. I am learning more of how a Christian is to live. I look forward to each lesson Dr. McGee teaches, and each day I trust the Lord more.

I feel so blessed to live in a free country and to be able to study the Word of God with such a powerful teacher. Thanks again, and may God continue to bless your programs.”

What an encouraging letter! Today, let’s pray for all those who face life-threatening illnesses. May the study of God’s Word give them the assurance they need to live each day to the fullest and the desire to trust Him more.

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