World Prayer Today

Into the “Land of the Rising Sun”

October 04, 2018

We travel today in our prayer journey to the Land of the Rising Sun, where the gods of Shintoism imprison many minds and the temples of Buddhism capture many hearts. We’re praying today that God brings life to the beautiful people of Japan.

Though over 80% of Japanese people claim no personal religion, this island land is filled with icons of Buddhism and Shintoism rituals. Only 1.5% of Japanese people call themselves Christians.

In recent years natural disasters, economic struggles, and an increased restlessness in Japanese youth have prompted the bigger questions in Japanese hearts. Praise God today that some are finding the answers by listening to Thru the Bible on the radio and online. One Japanese grandmother shared recently:

“Thank you for Japanese Thru the Bible curriculum on my computer. My soul is refreshed and my faith is stronger and grows well, so I want to surrender my life to God only. The words of God strengthen me. Even at my old age I never feel alone because the words of God live in me. God always takes care of me and never leaves me alone.”

Let’s join together to pray that the name of Jesus would find a home in more Japanese hearts.

Join us tomorrow in China.