World Prayer Today

Tearing down strongholds in Taiwan

October 03, 2018

On the mountainous island 100 miles off the coast of mainland China, the people of Taiwan live in one of the most densely populated spaces in the world.

For generations, this culture has been known for its rich traditions, ingenuity, and hospitality. Yet strongholds of the enemy of our souls hold most of the population in chains of fear and superstition.

Pray today for these chains to be broken by the power of the gospel and for Taiwanese people to learn how to come into a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray especially for the one million university students across Taiwan—ask that their hunger for knowledge and truth be answered in the truth of God’s Word. Many Taiwanese people are tolerant of many religions; pray that they see the one and only way to God.

Remember also Taiwan’s working class. A young woman, Pei, recently wrote,

Thank you for your program. I first heard of Jesus through you. I had wanted to go to church but felt too dirty. But now with Jesus, I have courage to go to hear more from God’s holy Word. And now I am loved.”

We’re traveling to Japan tomorrow; be sure to join us in praying that God’s unconditional love be spread through Asia this week.