World Prayer Today

Prayer is God’s tool to reach Qatar

September 26, 2018

Life for the people who live in many parts of the Arab world is one of harsh existence with few material belongings.

If they live nomadic lives, their main possession is a long tent made from woven goat or animal hair. Oftentimes through these desert regions, these tents dot the landscape—with one curious addition. More often than not, you’ll see radio and television antennas coming from a hole in the “roof.”

Pray today for programs like Thru the Bible that are having an impact in the Arab world. As you may know, we broadcast the teaching from Thru the Bible on Arabic television … and it is being widely broadcast and surprisingly well received. Pray for the effectiveness of this outreach.

As we travel today through the country of Qatar, pray for people’s salvation. As of yet, there are no known Christians among the native people of Qatar—the believing community there is made up entirely of expatriates. A profession of faith in Jesus may cost a person his family, honor, job, or even his life. Prayer is God’s tool in reaching this people, who are still far from Him. Intercede for them today.

Travel to Morocco with us tomorrow.