World Prayer Today

Telling the story in Tajikistan

September 20, 2018

Tajikistan, a nation built in the peaks and valleys of mountain ranges that form the backbone for Asia and the Middle East, is the poorest nation in Central Asia.

Though it sits close to China and Russia, Tajik people most resemble Iran’s culture, faith, and language. The majority of Tajiks are Sunni Muslim and closed to the gospel. But as a culture, Tajiks are often open to discussing spiritual things. They love poetry and stories and understand the concept of sacrifice. Pray today that the beautiful pictures and redemptive analogies throughout the Bible will become real to Tajiks—especially the picture of the Lamb of God dying on the cross.

Thru the Bible has received a few letters from Tajikistan, including this very encouraging one:

“Last year was a very difficult one for our whole nation. Your programs were often an island of peace and rest for many of us, and me personally as well. May the centre of your proclamations continue to be the biblical Jesus and His Word …. Greetings to you from me, my mother, and many more listeners who cannot write themselves.”

Pray in faith for the people of Tajikistan, believing that God is capturing people’s hearts one at a time.

Tomorrow we’ll pray through the heartland of the eastern European continent.