World Prayer Today

Making God’s Word a priority in life

September 11, 2018

“There’s a pardon for every sinner on the topside of the earth, but you have to call for it by faith before it becomes yours. In other words, you have to trust Christ as your Savior.”  - Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Welcome to Ireland! It’s here along the rugged and romantic landscape that we gather to pray that more listeners like Margaret will hear God’s Word on Thru the Bible and respond in faith. Here’s her letter:

“I began listening to your Arabic program when I lived in the Middle East, I’m so glad to know that I can continue to listen to you here in Ireland. Your words have helped me change into a person who believes in Jesus Christ and relies on God’s Word in her life. Please keep broadcasting, I do not want to miss a single day of my treasure … my beloved program.”

As we pray for listeners in Ireland today, let’s also pray that each of us makes God’s Word a priority in our lives, too.

Join us tomorrow as the World Prayer Team travels to Norway.