World Prayer Today

New technology reacquaints us with old friends

September 10, 2018

To many visitors, Suffolk, England, seems lost in time. So it may surprise you that it’s here amongst the picturesque villages, lavish Tudor mansions, and charming old world seaside escapes that new technology is being used to share the gospel.

As one woman recently wrote:

“I am a new listener to Thru the Bible since my nephew gave me his old iPhone just before Christmas. I first heard Vernon McGee many years ago, but my radio did not get good reception and eventually I gave up listening. I really liked his voice and way of teaching. I never would have guessed that I could have a phone that would allow me to listen at any time. What a joy to find you once again. I’m praying that the Lord continues to prosper your work and that you may continue to have the joy of hearing that more souls are being saved … especially here in England.”

Praise God for new technology that increases our opportunity to share His Word with the world! Let’s ask Him to continue to show us new ways to spread the Good News.

Tomorrow we’re off to Ireland. Join us right here and invite a friend to pray with us.