World Prayer Today

Going deeper in Guatemala

August 21, 2018

Isn’t it wonderful the way God uses His Word to produce the exact fruit in our lives to meet our need? Two emails from Guatemala prove this to be true:

From Samuel:

“Good day to you all in Jesus’ name. May the Eternal God continue to bless you with such rich messages like the one I just finished listening to on your program. This is the first time that I have listened to you and it has been a deep blessing to my soul. God used it to answer a question I had about Himself. I’ve recently begun to study the Scriptures in search of the One who saved me.”

From Bea:

“Together with my sisters, I listen to your marvelous program which has accompanied us since I discovered it in Mexico many years ago. It has produced a maturing of my spirit. God’s Word serves so many people who are starting this path, but also those who have already been on it for some time.”

Pray for those beginning and those who are farther down the path of their Christian lives in Guatemala. God will meet us each day no matter where we are.

Tomorrow we travel on our knees further south in Central America to Costa Rica.