World Prayer Today

Pray for those still in the grip of darkness

July 19, 2018

The privilege we have to read the Bible, worship with other followers of Jesus Christ, and proclaim our faith in God is not enjoyed by everyone in the world.

In fact, there are still places on earth where you put your life in jeopardy for even listening to the gospel being shared and God’s Word taught.

One listener, who is now living in China, defected from his homeland of North Korea. Listen to his story and remember to pray for those still in the grip of darkness.

He tells us, “I am writing this to thank you for the grace I received through your program. Through your teaching, I discovered salvation in God. Every day I listen to many pastors’ sermons and new hymns, so full of grace. I bought a solid-state radio for one of my elderly friends and taught him how to use it and tuned it to your program. These days he tells me how happy he is in the love of God.”

Let’s join with our brother in China in remembering those who follow the Lord in secret. Pray today that His Spirit would minister peace to their hearts and give them an understanding of His truth that will not only sustain their faith, but empower them to live for God in tremendously difficult situations.

Join us tomorrow as we pray for Taiwan.