World Prayer Today

Urgent: Pray for Syrians

July 12, 2018

For many Syrians, life is desperate. While the violence rages on, they need and ask for our prayers.

As a listener named Kamel puts it:

“Many are starving here, but how lovely and like delicious food is the Word of God. Joy fills me every time I listen. Syria is not safe, but when I am close to the Word I believe in His promises and I am not afraid!

“Some days are harder than others, but you keep my spirits up when I am desperate and fill me with the hope of the Lord. I pray that the violence would stop, but more than that I pray it would stop because those fighting would come to know Jesus and be filled with His joy and goodness. I also pray for the innocent … that God would wrap them in His mercy and love tightly so that they too would trust in Him. Please join me in lifting them up and relying on God’s sovereignty in all of our circumstances.”

Isn’t that beautiful? Let’s echo Kamel’s prayer as we go about our day.

Join us tomorrow as the World Prayer Team travels to Iraq.