World Prayer Today

“I knew my life would be in danger . . .”

July 03, 2018

“I knew my life would be in danger if I decided to follow Jesus,” wrote a man from Kyrgyzstan. 

“I always considered myself to be an honest Muslim, even though I didn’t know much about Islam. I had a sincere fear of God within me as well as many questions like, ‘What happens after we die?’ Unfortunately, no one I knew had any answers.

“It was in 1994 that I heard about Jesus Christ for the first time. A friend invited me to go with her to a kind of mosque. When we got there, I realized this was something unlike anything I had seen before. The following week they invited me to another meeting and I realized what I was looking for was Jesus. I accepted Him right then and there.

“Since then, your program has been a big help in learning more about Jesus and how to follow Him. After I became a Christian, I knew my life would be in danger. But God has protected me. I still have quite a bit of opposition from my relatives and friends, but I live before them what I believe, and I have had many great opportunities to be a witness for Jesus.”

Praise the Lord today that those who sincerely seek the Lord with all their hearts find Him. Pray that many others in Kyrgyzstan travel this same road.

We’ll pray tomorrow in Moldova. Please join us.