World Prayer Today

A modern-day message for Bethlehem

June 14, 2018

Welcome, World Prayer Team members! Today we visit the city of Bethlehem in the country of Israel and visit with George, a twelve year-old who listens to Thru the Bible in Arabic.

“I have been listening to your program for many months and had so many questions. I am grateful that you took my call and also sent a Bible. I am blind, but I have asked my mother and father to read it to me every day. I have started to listen to your programs twice daily and found this has really helped my understanding of your teaching. Please keep broadcasting, as there is so much I want to know about who Jesus is and why He lived.”

Isn’t that amazing? God is using His Word heard on Thru the Bible to change lives not only here at home, but also in the birth city of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As we pray today, let’s give Him all the praise and glory and ask Him to transform more lives of those who live in Bethlehem.

Tomorrow we travel on our knees to Western Sahara. Please join us!