World Prayer Today

Pray for Christians practicing voodoo

June 01, 2018

Welcome to World Prayer Today where we have the privilege of praying for the Fon, the largest people group in the African country of Benin.

It is from Fon animism that voodoo first developed. It is not uncommon, even among Christians in Benin, that voodoo still permeates their lives. As one listener explains,

“I have heard your programs and I am a follower of Christ, but I am not sure I have the strength to stop following the practices of my family. Can I be a Christian and still see a witch doctor?”

And another wrote:

“Your programs are a blessing to me because I am blind. I can’t read and write, and what so many people teach about the Bible is so confusing. Now through you I can know the truth.”

Isn’t that great? Together, let’s intercede for the Fon people and ask God to use His Word to show them the emptiness of their rituals and idols and point them to the truth found in Jesus Christ.

Join us next week as World Prayer Today travels to Latin America.