World Prayer Today

A young man’s crisis of faith

May 21, 2018

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a fun question that we ask kids all the time.

But for one young man in East Timor this question brought family turmoil. He explains:

My parents wanted me to be a priest in our family religion, but I never understood it and was a disappointment to them. Although I was faithful to our religion and practiced all the rituals, my life was empty.

“One day I was invited to visit a friend and I found him listening to Thru the Bible and making notes. I listened to the program with him and after that my confusion increased. I was asking myself questions like: Who am I? Where am I going after death? I began to think about my life and what I wanted instead of the path my parents had set before me.

“Soon I was hired to work as a teacher in a small village and although I moved I continued to listen to your program. Eventually I accepted Christ as my Savior. Today my life is filled with peace and I pray my parents will someday come to accept my decision. Please pray they will come to know Jesus as well.”

Let’s honor that prayer and remember the millions who are practicing dead traditions and empty rituals. Ask God to open their hearts to the living Word of God. Pray also for godly family members who love them. May they be encouraged as they wait on the Lord.

Our journey through Southeast Asia this week continues tomorrow with a visit to the world’s most populous Muslim nation: Indonesia. See you then.