World Prayer Today

The Word of God … on secular radio?

May 17, 2018

Today our prayer focus is the country of Romania where you may be surprised to hear that Thru the Bible is heard on secular stations.

Because of this, our producer Sorin Covaci asks us to pray that each station manager will be diligent in playing the broadcasts in the arranged time slot and that we may draw an audience of listeners who may not otherwise hear God’s Word.

Let’s also pray for our Romanian listeners who are doing their part to share the gospel—like Bachita who recently wrote to tell us of his efforts:

“Thank you for the solar radio! I love your programs and was blessed to receive your teaching. Recently I felt as if I should offer this radio to a friend who does not know Jesus. After listening, he has told me he likes these messages and listens every night. Will you pray for him to find the Lord through your program and be saved?”

Yes! Let’s join Bachita and Sorin and so many other brothers and sisters in Romania who ask God to bless the broadcasting of His Word today! Let’s pray that those who are listening will humble themselves and open their hearts to God’s Spirit.

Join in tomorrow as our world prayer journey through Central Europe continues with a stop in the Czech Republic.