World Prayer Today

Where do you turn when tragedy strikes?

May 11, 2018

Sometimes it’s the deepest valleys in our lives that bring us to the highest mountaintops.

Thanks for joining us today as we travel to the city of Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu, India, on our worldwide prayer journey. Cynthia shares her story:

“My husband and I enjoyed a happy life, but one day he suffered a massive heart attack and died. I was completely shocked and wasn’t sure I would be able to take care of our two children on my own. One day I met a man who told me about Jesus Christ. I also began listening to your broadcast. Little by little I found the comfort and peace I needed. When I heard that only God could bring hope to the hopeless, I gave my life to Him. Through your studies I also began to teach my children about God and how in Christ we can learn to be content in any situation we are faced with. May God bless you for bringing true joy into our home in the midst of our darkest hour.”

Take a moment right now to intercede for those who, like Cynthia and her family, are suffering from great loss. Ask God to comfort their hearts and give them hope found only in Jesus Christ.

And as we pray together, may you also be assured of His concern for the difficult circumstances in your life.

Join us on Monday as the World Prayer Team travels to Bulgaria.