World Prayer Today

Visiting Thru the Bible’s home base in Pasadena, California

May 01, 2018

Welcome to Thru the Bible’s headquarters in Pasadena, California.

On our World Prayer journey we share a letter from a listener named Christina who casts a prayer net over our home office:

“I have listened to Thru the Bible since August 2012. By hearing the teaching of Dr. Vernon McGee while driving to work and back, I grew in faith and knowledge, and ultimately I am a more happy and satisfied person. I pray that Thru the Bible may serve God for a long time, and that the devil isn’t allowed to overcome you and you are blessed with all spiritual blessings and health. May God use your ministry as His instrument to create real unity between Christians.”

Thanks for joining Christina in thanking God for the opportunity to serve faithfully in getting the Word out to the world. You join the team when you partner with us in prayer.

Be sure to join us tomorrow as our travels take us to the lovely state of Virginia.